Latest Multi-Family Financial Analysis

Every 1-2 weeks, I spend time analyzing every commercial apartment properties (5+ units) and residential multi-family units (2-4 units). The Excel file below lists the property address, number of units, price, price per unit, and expected profits. Remember that these are pro forma numbers, and would need verification prior to making an offer. Contact me if you want a more detailed analysis of any of the properties listed here, or if you have questions.

Profitable MF Properties 7-25-19 (xlsx)


Multi-Family Investing

My first apartment building


This is the Rock Street Apartments, a 24-Unit apartment building i bought in a great neighborhood in Centralia, Washington. 

Financial Analysis

Financial Benefits


I enjoy the appreciation, cash flow, and the tax advantages. Best of all, the mortgage gets paid every month (but not by me!) Apartment buildings really amplify your earning power.

I can help you


There's a lot of analysis that goes into buying a multi-family property. Let me use my experience and ability go to work for you.

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Why Multi-Family?



As you probably know, the price of land and housing has consistently risen over the years. People may not need other types of investments, but people always need a place to live. Multi-Family properties provide an opportunity to pay a fixed mortgage, while the rental income continues to increase over time.

Cash Flow

In my opinion, the best type of multi-family properties to buy are those that cash-flow. In other words, they put money in your pocket each month. I specialize in finding properties that take into account the mortgage, utilities, repairs, etc. and still pay you to own the property, all while it continues to go up in value.

Tax Advantages

There's a big reason that wealthy individuals always seem to have real estate as a major part of their investment portfolio. Why do they choose real estate? Because the federal government likes real estate investors! That's right - they like us! Of course, I'm not a tax adviser, but I'm confident that multi-family investing will make you very happy next April 15th.

Control of Your Investment

I used to buy and sell stock in companies that I believed in. Occasionally, I bought stocks that came highly recommended by some financial guru. The problem? I was never in control of the investment. The price of the stock went up and down due to market forces out of my control. Sometimes it was poor financial management. Other times, their product lost popularity with the general public. Sometimes I made money, but oftentimes I lost money.

Multi-family properties allow you to take an active role in the value of your investment. You can actually increase the value of your property by decreasing expenses and increasing the income generated. Lastly, as you continue to pay your mortgage every month, you increase your principal, and reduce your interest. But best of all, you aren't really making the payment - your tenants are! That's a great deal in my book. I like having that control of the investment.

Other Advantages

  • You get the opportunity to create a clean, safe, affordable place for people to live.
  • Your property can create value for a neighborhood.
  • You can create extra income each month through coin-op laundry facilities, utility surcharges, pet fees, etc.
  • A $50 per month rent increase on a single family home is worth exactly what it is - $50 per month. But what happens if you own a multi-family home or apartment complex and you raise rents $50? Let's just say I like big numbers that require calculators to figure out!

In Summary

So let's review... An investment that increases in value over time, pays you cash every month, provides tax advantages, and allows you the control to increase the value of the investment - What's not to love?

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