About Me


My wonderful wife Maggie, and our 3 children. We love family outings and spending time together.

Helping Kids


Whether coaching basketball, being a Cub Scout leader, board member with NW Girl's Choir, or serving with the McKinlay Foundation, I enjoy giving back to the community through involvement in children's activities and charities.

Public Service


I am currently a lieutenant with the Seattle Police Department. I've been with SPD over 30 years! I am also a professional mediator (which helps with real estate negotiations). I am also a StreetLaw instructor at Chief Sealth High School.

More About Me

I love to travel with my family, mostly to enjoy the sun in Hawaii, Mexico, and Florida. In my spare time, I enjoy singing (rock band, church choir, karaoke - it doesn't matter!), listening to podcasts, public speaking, and movies. I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Law, Societies and Justice.

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Licensed real estate agent